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Project Involvement:

Write Copy
Develop User Flows and wireframes
Create UI consistent with App UI


Vision Pursue is a company that provides a mindfulness program and app. Their programs focus on corporate teams, sport teams, and individuals. They have a wide following already and came to us to design their new website to launch with their newly redesigned app.

As we moved through the discovery phase of this project it brought to light important questions for their team about VPs service lines, how they wanted to market them, and who they would be for in the end. Due to these big questions, we went through many different phases of wireframes and eventually a handful of different UI skins.

Their app redesign project is still incomplete, which essentially put a pause on the launch of a fully redesigned website. They took their favorite parts of what I designed and have applied the applicable things in various areas of the now live site.

This showcase in my portfolio is my personal ideal UI for this company based on my understanding of their goals, clients, and product.