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Lime Brokerage

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Lime Brokerage is a broker-dealer that offers Benchmark Algorithms and Smart Order Routing Algorithms for U.S. Equity trading. They needed an updated website that better described and displayed the firm’s service suite. I worked with my marketing team to establish a refined information architecture, copy, and full UI rehaul.


The Challenge

For this client there was a desire to remain quite close to their original look and feel. I suggested pushing the envelope a bit further to establish a UI that would show as modern and up-to-date for a longer period of time, using Quid as my main example. I showcased the use of loading animations, layered elements, and large photography. The client felt that the loading animations were too busy and felt this overall more modern look would turn their target audience off.

So there was a fine balance to be struck between modernizing and ensuring the design didn’t alienate anyone.


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This site launched in early 2019. Check out the live site at